Is This Home Based Business a Scam?

There are hundreds of home based business opportunities out there that promise $ 2,000 per week or more. But you know that things that sound too good to be true usually are. So how do you determine if a certain home based business is a scam? In making this determination, there are three specific criteria you should test for: legitimacy, suitability and marketability.

The easiest way to test a home based business for legitimacy is look up that business in your favorite search engine. Simply type the name of the business into the search box, followed by "legitimacy," "testimonials," or "fraud." This should give you a pretty good indication of whether or not the business is legitimate. But remember, just because you do not find something right away does not mean that negative press is not out there. You should also check out the business with the Better Business Bureau to make sure.

If you find that a home based business is indeed legitimate, the next criterion to test for is suitability . Determining suitability is all about determining if you are qualified and willing to do everything the business entails. Consider a sales-based home business. Just because the best sales person on their team is making $ 2,000 per week, does not mean that you will be just as successful. Take a thorough look into the company, and if it is something you really want to do and know you can do, and then move on to the next test.

The final criteria you should test for in a home based business opportunity is marketability . Testing for marketability simply means determining if you have access to enough potential customers to make the business viable. If the business requires you to sell snow skis to the people in your immediate area and you live in Hawaii, this opportunity is not marketable. Also consider that the market might be seated where you live. Something that sells in one community may not sell in another.

If you test a home based business opportunity and determine that it is legitimate, suitable and marketable, then feel free to be optimistic in your new venture. But try not to set your expectations too high because it is still their job to try and sell you their business.

Source by Nick Tart

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