Investigate Small Business Financing Options

How you finance a small business or franchise is nearly as important as the business you choose. If you deploy the wrong capitalization strategy it can hurt business cash-flow and impair growth. Plus, funding a business purchase in today’s market takes very specific skill.

David Nilssen, co-founder of Guidant Financial Group, the nation’s leading expert on small business and franchise financing, leads a presentation on:

SBA Loans
Seller Financing
Unsecured Credit
Peer-to-Peer Lending
Outside Investors
Retirement Funds

David Nilssen was honored as the top young entrepreneur in the nation by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2007. Since 2003, David’s company has helped more than 5,000 individuals purchase a business through various funding and investment methods.

Richard Parker is the founder of Diomo Corporation – The Business Buyer Resource Center™ and author of the How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price© series.

Parker has personally purchased 11 individual businesses during his career and built several others from start-up. He has worked as a buyer’s consultant and business broker, representing both buyers and sellers, for more than 20 years and has written nine guides and hundreds of articles on the subject of buying businesses.

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