Ingredients of Successful India Today Book Club

India today book club and reading groups are in limelight now-a-days and why not? Those who love to read would have more fun in discovering mind-blowing books, or authors they have never come across along a group of like-minded people. Discussing about the books with friends every month to talk about the reading experience along with some great food, good wine and a cozy atmosphere and allow the chat to flow, makes a ITBC an unforgettable experience.

But it is not as easy as it seams to be. There are so many people who try to make a book club work. Usually, people lose interest and get indulged in personality conflicts or they are not obliged to read the selected books every month. Groups can be too big or small. Each and every book club is different and readers there may be interested in reading books of a particular subject. So there are some important ingredients of a successful book club:

A couple of committed and interested partners are required, as a book club has no predetermined size. Even 4-5 people are enough to get going with a lively discussion on a particular book review. 8-12 people are ideal for a book club as the group can be accommodated at any public place or at somebody's home. In case of big groups, it is difficult for everyone to make their points and participate.

A group of like minded people is required. Look for readers who are interested and excited about reading and take interest in selection of books. As reporter readers will never be able to finish the book and will not contribute much to the book club meetings. It will be beneficial for the groups to set some guidelines about the kinds of books to be read and rotate meetings in each other's homes. In some of the book clubs, whosoever is hosting does all the food for that month and things similar to this can be decided on the first meeting.

For choosing a venue, it is important to note that most of the books club members meet at each other's house taking it in turn to host. ITBC is popular among the people of all age groups interested about books and authors. Meeting at same time and same day of every month enables the members to plan ahead. And therefore, the extra dedication in reading and life experience, bounds to have a lively discussions on a variety of subjects.

Source by Rohit Kumar Mehra

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