Identify the Pain in Your Business and Improve

Today I came across my new "favorite" quote – "Those things that hurt, instruct." – Benjamin Franklin.

Growth and Change – the two go together. No one likes to struggle. Struggles are uncomfortable and we usually try to avoid them. But we need to learn to embrace struggles and embrace the change that looms. Things need to be different in order for us to move past the point of struggle. Instead of avoiding the struggle, we should learn to work through the hurt.

Consider the analogy of a seed, planted in the earth. If the seed lasts a seed, nothing happens and a plant can not grow. But a seed struggles with the soil below it to grow roots. Then the seed struggles with the soil above it to break through and reach for the light so that a plant can develop. Without the seed struggles to change, it will never reach its potential and produce fruit.

When we learn to work through the pain and conquer the obstacles in front of us, then we'll find growth. Many good things are wrapped in difficulty, but we can not have the gift inside until we unwrap the difficulty. Growth takes time. For many, 2009 will be a year of growth. How about you? Will you embrace the struggle so you can grow?

Small business owners usually face challenges in a few key areas: Finances, Marketing / Growth, Team Building and Taxes. What is the biggest challenge you face in 2009?

Identify the pain, embrace the struggle, grow and overcome – enjoy the journey!

Source by Debra Schill

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