How to Trade the Stock Market – For School Students

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How To Trade The Stock Market – For School Students: Learn the basics of investing in the stock market before most do.

Its unfortunate that our schools don’t teach the basics of finance, saving and investment to our kids. As an adult, don’t you wonder why our schools don’t make it mandatory for children to take finance classes. In fact, isn’t that what all our adult problems are these days – thinking about managing our finances, our loans etc. Just imagine as kids if we were knew this stuff, we would be on our way to a successful retirement a lot earlier than expected.

That’s why kids – we’re here today. Over the past 2 years, our course instructor has been teaching at Chicago’s public schools – the basics of stock market investing to 8th grade students as part of their Math class. This course is the online version of the same class.

At the end of it, you will all be prepared to invest in the stock market. So next time you get some pocket money or your parents give you some, you’ll know exactly where to put it – in the stock market and watch that money grow. If you don’t have any money, not a problem, we’ll show you exactly how to paper trade, so you’ll be ready when you have some.

So kids, get your notebook ready to take some notes and lets get started. Lets go in. Its going to be a lot of fun.

Who is this course for?

High school students who are interested in learning the basics of investing in the stock market.
Entry level investors who want to learn the absolute basics of stock market investing before they get started.

Course Outline

What is the stock market and why is it important?
How to pick the right stocks?
Understanding Price and Earnings to make good investment decisions.
When to sell a stock and how to measure return on investment?
The importance of Diversification
The Importance of Savings, Investing and Compounding Interest
Special Class on the “Chicago Board of Trade”

What Do You Get With The Course?

155 Page detailed presentation in pdf format walking you step by step through the entire course.
2 hours of video in an enjoyable format specifically targeted towards kids.
24/7 support access at any point of time for any questions.

* Note that this is a digital product that will be delivered directly to you digitally once purchased.

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