How To Personalize Your Small Business and Double Your Profits

Personalization is key when it comes to marketing. The more personal, the better – especially in a day where social media runs much of the advertising landscape, many businesses are seeking ways to effectively communicate on a one-to-one level. The less clutter and noise the better. This especially proves beneficial when someone is looking at the most cost-effective ways to go about marketing your business.

Below are some easy and convenient ways to personalize your business. Feel free to implement one or all to re-energize your marketing efforts.

Social Media – Use social media at all costs. You should always be in contact with all of your customers. Be aware too, that each social media outlet has its own following. For example, twitter followers are far different than Facebook fans. As a result, post your smarter, witty, timely content on twitter, and post your more authoritative, lengthy articles on Facebook.

Friendly Sales Staff – Make sure that your sales staff is always polite to each customer that calls in. To ensure that all customer service agents have the same voice in showing their friendly conversational tone, employ a training program. This program must ensure that all agents reference the customer by their name, include one line of personal conversation and include a proper salutation when the conversation has ended. You could even get creative by sending up a follow-up email to each caller with a picture of the customer support person that they spoke with.

CEO Communication – Make your business approachable by including a way for your customers to get a hold of the CEO. It sounds very unconventional, but in fact works wonders in personalizing your brand. The CEO can include monthly correspondence via email, postal mail – as well as using social media outlets Twitter and Facebook.

When completing your marketing efforts for the next quarter remember the value of a properly personalize brand. It will not only return a large portion of money when implemented, but will also create a more involved and highly engaged customer base. Having a large engaged customer base will allow you to see where your business could use improvement, and where your business is actually strong – both needed in order to be a successful business that can withstand the waves of today's unpredictable economy.

So just remember, the more personal the better; Because everyone loves a brand they can refer to – especially in today's world.

Source by Melanie C Turner

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