How to Make Huge Profits With a Small List

You have all heard the tired catch phrase "The money is in the list", but does this mean that you need a huge list, to be able to make real money? No, not any more. This report with audio, reveals an unbelievable secret method of learning the really big bucks, without a big list. Some of the top marketers have lists of between 50000 and 2million names. With a list that size, it is no wonder they make the kind of money the rest of us only dream about.

I mean, work it out logically. Let's say that Mr X sends out a special offer every day of the month. He may send more, or he may repeat the offer, but let's assume he sends only 30 mails that month to his list. Let's assume that he has a list of 50 000. Some top marketers report conversions (that is another word for a percentage of sales per mailing) of 10%, 20% and even as much as 30% on certain products, but let's take an average conversion of 5%. These conversions obviously differ from day to day, or from offer to offer and also vary each month. So let's use a conversion of only 5%. Some products cost $ 5, while others cost as much as $ 900, so let's be really pessimistic and use an average price of only $ 27 per offer. In real terms this means that Mr X sends out 30 mailings to each person, per month. That is 1 500 000 mailings per month, but hey, it's all automated. He prepares one mail offer and then, by using his auto-responder, he blasts it out to the entire list. So, this offer is snapped up by 75 000 subscribers and the price is $ 27. That means Mr X receives an income of $ 2 025 000 for that month. I'm not joking, this is what some of the big gurus earn! Okay, so that is $ 467 667 per week in sales, but we are not all big gurus, are we?

Looking at your situation, how does this compare? We are not all master list builders and it takes ages to collect names. Let's assume you have a list of only 1300. What chance do you have? Well let's work it out. You probably do not get a conversion factor anywhere near 5%, but let's assume that you do convert at 2%. So, for the purpose of comparison, let's say you also send 30 mailings per month, get a 2% conversion and also use an average price of $ 27. You send out 39 000 mails that month. 2% of your list buy for $ 27. Your gross sales for the month are $ 21 060. That is an average weekly income of $ 4 863. That's not to be laughed at, it's not a bad income, but it has taken you years of hard work to achieve these figures and now you need to step up a few notches. How on earth do you find another few thousand names? How long will it take to get to 50 000 subscribers? Well, there is an alternative. It will be quicker and easier than trying to find 48 700 more names and then still nurturing them into becoming buyers and hopefully reaching a regular conversion rate of 5%.

Would not it be brilliant to leave your list at 1300 and achieve sales of $ 64 950 per month. Really, there is a method which will show you how to make $ 15000 in only 7 days. Surely it makes sense to try this before battling to increase your list and conversions! This guy has written a report showing a secret method he used to make $ 15000 in 7 days, with a list of 1286. What have you got to lose? Look what you could gain. Give it a try. This secret formula could easily sell for $ 200 or more, but I have arranged a special discount for a while.

Source by Derek Robson

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