How to Get a Bank Loan Today: What You Need to Know

For owners or buyers of small to mid-sized businesses, now may be the most difficult time to obtain a bank loan in 80 years! So, if your company needs a bank loan, come learn the secrets of finding banks that are actually lending today and learn how to convince those banks that they should lend money to your company.

Our panel features three leading experts on bank lending to mid-sized companies in the Chicago area. They will discuss the practical side of obtaining a loan today:

* Questions to ask bankers in order to determine if their bank is actually lending now
* How to quickly focus on the banks that are most likely to provide a loan
* Information that will facilitate the loan approval process
* Determining the type(s) of financing that are most appropriate for you
* Why an SBA loan may or may not be appropriate for your business
* How to use your professional advisers and contacts to develop credibility

As President of Business Lending Solutions, David Enquist always has a finger on the pulse of the banking market in the Chicago area. David’s company assists entrepreneurs on a success basis to find bank financing for expansions, acquisitions and refinancings. So, he constantly needs to know what banks are providing loans to which industries and on what terms.

David Leighton is an experienced commercial lending officer with First Midwest Bank, a bank that focuses on making commercial loans to small and mid-sized companies.

Tom Meyer is an expert on SBA lending, having spent over a decade directing the SBA ;programs in the Chicago area for major banks. He is now with Wells Fargo. Over the past decade, Tom has funded some $200 million in SBA loans.

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