How to Find Plus Size Women Using Online Dating Sites

Plus size women, BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) appeal to many guys. But, due to the media focus on celebrity and super models with ridiculously skinny frames, larger women are regarded in the main stream as being not normal. However, statistics show that the number of plus size women in the Western world is increasing, and it will soon be quite normal for women to be chubbier than is considered average today.

Unfortunately, the media, fashionistas and influential celebrities are reinforcing the idea that women over a certain size and weight are freaks who need to get down to a slimmer size before anyone will care for them or love them. This is patently untrue and a distortion of public taste and opinion, but the public’s perception is in many ways formed – and even dictated – by the media, especially television, movies and glossy magazines. It is very rare indeed that big girls are portrayed as positive characters or role models.

So, where does that leave the poor guys (and girls) who are interested in meeting and forming relationships with plus size women? Of course, you can hit the clubs and bars looking for your dream BBW. But the easy way is quite simply to search online.

The more popular online dating sites with massive membership bases are very well equipped to cater for those who are seeking large ladies for love and friendship. When you join a dating service on the Internet, the first thing you do is fill out a profile. It is a simple matter of entering in the right terms when you are browsing the membership base to specify that you are looking for a BBW. Also, be sure to only seek chubby ladies who have included photographs.


Because it is one thing to seek out, find and start dating a BBW, it’s quite another to make sure you choose a larger lady who is also happy with the way she looks. If a woman does not have complexes or psychological issues with her body image, then she is more likely to post pictures of herself online. Also, try to pick plus size females who have posted photos on their dating profiles that do not hide everything ways, or have her posing in the dark. On the contrary, look for big beautiful women with broad smiles, plenty of light around them, and wearing clothes that are not always black. Also look for plus size girls who are among friends in their photos. This shows they have bubbly and outgoing personalities, and are happy enough with their weight to be able to mix socially.

If you want to be one hundred percent sure you will be dating chubby women, then you can boost your odds enormously by joining a niche dating site that caters specifically to chubby chasers (guys and girls who are right into overweight women). There are hundreds of sites like these all over the Internet, and a simple search on one of the more popular search engines will point you in the right direction.

There is a negative side to these BBW only sites, though. Specifically, they tend to focus so much on the size of the women, that all other elements of their personalities can be pushed to one side. If a woman is overweight and that appeals to you, great. However, if that is the only thing about a particular woman that you like, then the type of relationship you will develop will be extremely limited. Everyone has many sides to their personalities, and plus size women are no exception to that rule.

Source by Cam Langdon

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