How the Calendars are Calculated – A Conversation with Kathleen

Conscious Calendars give you an easy color coded calendar which shows the energy of the day. When we act in ALIGNMENT with the energy of the day, we experience less resistance, flow, and increased vitality.
Conscious Calendars are created from the complex solar-lunar Vedic Astrology calendar which is a guide to resonant daily activity for millions of people around the world, and has been in use for thousands of year. You now have the simplified version of this ancient knowledge, so you can expand your career or commercial interests, connect more deeply in personal relationships and better care for you health and well being.

A Sun Moon calendar tracks both the movement of seasons according the angle of the Sun in our orbit and tracks the monthly waxing and waning of light of the moon. In Vedic Astrology, the most auspicious days for social events, meetings, weddings, important contracts, launches or openings are best done with the bright light of the moon. Watch the video to learn more.

There are more auspicious times to “till” and better times to “plant” and better times to turn the soil over and prepare for a new season. There are times ripe for social gathering because the energies of the day support connection and communication and love, and other days which are good for demolition and digging ditches.
There are ripe days for deep spiritual practice or of letting go which logically are also not good for buying or building a home, boat or major purchase.

There are days auspicious for major changes, starting new ventures of all kinds, opening bank accounts or loans and for pouring foundations in life – the are what I call Green Days.

There are days which will tend to have complications in them or distractions of some form – these are Yellow Days.

You can have the complexity of Vedic Astrology at your finger tips with a simple color coded calendar with Conscious Calendars.

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