How Low Can I Go in Starting Up My Web Hosting Business?

Quick, take a guess: how much do you think is the minimum amount of money that you will need in order to break into the web hosting business? Take a moment to consider this as we guarantee that it is not what you were expecting. So what did you guess? $200? $100? Well, not quite. What if we told you that you were way off base and that the actual amount is significantly lower than that? The fact is, you can get started offering a range of hosting services to your customers for as little as $26 a month! Hard to believe you say? Well, read on and you will realize for yourself that this is entirely possible and many people can in fact attest to this. Furthermore, you will see that even with such a low financial startup cost, you will be able to offer hosting services that rival many others in your own class.

Now take note that we do not mean to say that you can outfit yourself with the latest top of the line computers and networking equipment, along with the requisite technical personnel–pretty much everything that you need to function as a standalone web host–all for $26. What we are in fact here to introduce to you is a business arrangement called reseller hosting. Establishing your own primary hosting network can indeed be financially demanding, but reseller hosting in contrast will allow you to get into the swing of things with a much lower financial outlay.

But before we go further into that let us first take a look at what reseller hosting really is and what it will entail on your part. What typically happens is that you will sign up for an account with a primary web hosting service. You will then be provided a control panel, which is simply software that you can use to manage the various accounts under your own primary account. Yes you read that right: various accounts, because as a reseller web hosting agent, you will be able to divide up that primary account into several smaller accounts each of which you will then “resell” to your own end users.

How is this possible you ask? And is this even legitimate? Well the answer is yes, very much so and it is in fact a common practice on the Internet and has been for quite some time now. The reason this is possible is that many primary hosting service providers do not necessarily want to deal with selling packages on an individual basis. They have instead focused their efforts on selling larger accounts in bulk, leaving the task of carving these up into individual accounts and selling them to the end user to reseller web hosts such as yourself. Given the nature of this arrangement, you can now begin to see how it is possible to startup your business for as little as a few dollars per month.

Source by Sveinung Skoglund

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