How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back – Series 1, Installment 4

If you have accepted the break up …
If you have found your confidence and discovered your greatness …
You are ready for the next step.

If your ex is with someone else you may still have a chance. The key here would be to be kind and be her friend.

If your ex-girlfriend is not with someone else, you may propose a short meet and greet. Possibly coffee? Again, be her friend … listen.

Now that you have found your confidence and happiness she will begin to see the you she was attracted to when your relationship was new. Whatever the case, do not allow her access to you until you have a plan. There were reasons for the break up in the first place.

This is your opportunity to truly be there and listen. You will probably discover her reasons for the break up along the way. Take advantage of this time, listening to her and reflecting on your own experience to identify the causes for the division so they may be addressed and prevented in the future. These reasons must be resolved for long-term results.

Your ex-girlfriend may vent all her frustrations from the relationship at first. It will take patience and resolve to bear through this and not lash out at her.

Try not to focus on the past so much until she gets past this stage. When a true friendship is established you may remission about the good times.

The initial stages are like planting seeds. You can get your ex-girlfriend back, but these seeds you'll be planting will take time and nurturing to grow into your future success. During this time keep your visits short and memorable.

So, the first stage is being her friend by truly listening; and second, reminiscing about the good times.

Remember you must get your happiness and confidence from yourself, and be patient to see these initial seeds to fruition.

Next time we will preview how to create memorable moments that will keep her coming to you!

Source by Jaime Dogoode

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