Hopkins Med15 Music Mashup

Hopkins Med Second Look video for Med16, by Med15. Lyrics below.

Good Feeling:

Yes I can, be an MD, I’m running this school
Pen me, pad me, new stethoscope around me
I’ll be a resident one day
Graduating first – no, I’m not that cutthroat
I really just wanna stay afloat this year
And I gotta prep for class
How many pages should I read?
Now I got that Up-to-Date app
Search it and it’s known
Roll up to the lecture hall, it’s my zone
Talk like I already work in that dome
Got a scholarship, don’t have to pay loans
And since I got in, I wanna scrub in
Always knew I’d be white coat flaunting
Could be an OB, or a surgeon
I got a damn good feeling, Hopkins

Treat You:

I see you driving ’round town with the fever and chills
And I’m like, I’ll treat you (It’s the flu)
Although there’s pain in your arm, I swear not to do harm
I’m like, I’ll treat you, and I’ll treat her too
You said if I’ll be an MD, why is my head empty?
Nope, it’s full of shit (it’s full of shit)
Although there’s pain in your spine, it’s not McBierney’s sign
But I’ll treat you
In the clinic, work til tomorrow
13 hours on my feet
Nice to meet ya, gonna treat ya
OK looks like you’ve got VD
I try to stay cool when asking you for stool (Just had a heart attack)
So? (Don’t you think you should know that?)
I don’t know what to do…excuse me while I go talk to my preceptor

No Sleep:

Last night I let my write-ups get the best of me
Waking up in the morning, my Netters laying next to me
Plus I heard I only need a 70
Cuz its pass-fail, so you know how we all gonna be
And our notebooks roll long, so long
It’s going down in this place, Armstrong
We gonna study all night, no sleep
Staying up to see the sunrise
So tonight it’ll be anatomy, then do histology
Got bones, and slides, and notes in the library
Get by, I mean just by, only need to get that P
Then move to the next block cuz the past is history
TGNG (Thank God No Grades)
No eating, no sleeping, staying in like every weekend
When a course ends and exams done
Going out and we’ll party all night long

Med15 in Armstrong:

On call so hard my attending wanna find me
Residents can’t find me
What’s 50 rounds to another gunner like me, can you please remind me?
On call so hard – that shit Gray’s, been reading it for like 3 days
Just started school, oh but it’s true, going up to the hospital like, “pay me”
On call so hard – a first-year, I ain’t even ‘posed to be here
On call so hard – since I’m here, it’s only right that I yell “clear!”
Psycho, I’m liable to be a surgeon, take your pick
Halsted, Carson, McCoy – on that space ship
On call so hard – got a broke light, using pens with no ink to write
Stethoscope that’s hanging low, listening for your Grade 5
On call so hard – it’s past 2, I’m suppose to be in class too
But if you studied what I studied, you’d be pretending to be a doctor too.

Doctors never complain, my differentials make it rain
Got my classmates in Armstrong, and we all getting Fenged, huh?

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