Home Based Business in 2013

How Can a Home Based Business Save YOU in 2013?

The Stability of a SMART Home Based Business May Save You.

In the next two years, 2013 – 2014, the Economy is expected to live yet again. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the destruction left behind accelerated this issue for the residents of North East USA. We only have to look at the catastrophe left by Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans in particular), to see lives have been forever changed, and not for the better.

President Obama has come right out on cue to tell the world the Government will take care of them. Past history tells us it will be decades before it will all be repaired.

So, are you waiting for disaster to befall you and guide you down that hole to oblivion? Or do you want to ensure that you will have a bright, safe and fruitful future?

Where Are You Now?

Economically, and historically, we have never been in deeper debt as we are now. Credit Card debt MUST be slashed or eliminated. Why? When recessions hit, they bring higher interest rates. Do what you can to minimizeize mortgage increases. And, I know, it sounds impossible to save anything these days but you do need to succeed with this one too.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

What Are My Options?

The good news is there are only two choices, take action or do nothing.

Consider this; Wells Fargo Securities predicts this, "unemployment rate declines to 7.6% by end of 2012 (Christmas Rush), before rising to 8.1% by the third quarter of 2013, finishing 2013 at 8% and declining to 7.5% by the end of 2014. " The outlook for next year and into 2014 is more of the same but worse. If your company has any trouble they are fighting right now, It will get worse next year.

But to be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you intend to weather this very long economic storm, you need to make a plan and put it into action. It would be nice to be able to fall back on your desires, find something that matches you. One question. How long have you got, money wise, in the bank, before you are, God forbid, out on the street? Yes, one of the hardest questions you can face. But, if you do face it, prepare properly and take action as far in advance as possible, the potential for weathering this economic storm is more than good.

If you ask for a pay increase at work, it will put you at the top of the heap when the time comes to, "trim the fat." Dump that one. If it comes to that, you are in a better position if you have not had a raise in a long time. To keep your job, you may consider offering to work for less if you are in the boss's office one day, wondering why you are there. Take charge and make an offer to the boss saying that you know things have been tough slowly and you can get by with less, but still have confidence in your team and need to keep it as intact as possible.

If you look at taking a second job, it is likely that it will pay very low wages, trading your valuable time for peanuts, so to speak. It is an option but you likely do not want to do that for very long. You would do better to work for yourself, when you have the time to invest.

Home based business makes sense. Choice is important. It is amazing how many do not think of this. If you are looking to sell something, try not to inventory stock. You do not want to have cash locked up until you sell product, sitting in your basement or garage. We do not want you to end up like me for instance. I still have some NSA Water filters here since the 80's, Argh! But, now you can learn from my mistakes. That was just one of them.

Remember, if you are going to start a home based business, selling a product or service, make sure it is not only something that you do not have to inventory, but you use a lot, and if you use it a lot, I expect Everyone is going to use it a lot too. Now, there is a special reason for this. If you are offering a popular thing, and using that same thing every day, you are going to buy from yourself first, right? Of course you are. And if you are doing that, you can bill its use as a sales expense.

What are the best companies to work with? Well, we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit. You need a Customer list and you do not want to be crawling to everyone you know begging them to sign up for this or that. We know where that leads, NS-NF, "No Sales – No Friends." But, fear not. This is why we are here. There is a system that you can plug into and fill your needs for Customers and the investment is extremely low.

Source by Michelle E Hogan

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