Hold a Garage Sale For Quick Cash

Holding a garage sale can be a blast and a great opportunity to turn your junk into cash. It's not uncommon for an average family to be able to make hundreds of dollars from items hidden in boxes and other places where they'll never get used. Turn your old collections and unused stuff into a windfall to boost your struggling bank account.

Garage sales are the perfect chance to clean out your basement, closets and other storage areas while also bringing some extra cash to your family. Before tossing all your unwanted items out onto the front lawn, consider an organized sale so that you get the most money for your stuff.

Take a walk around the house and gather all the items available for sale. Get the entire family involved so that you have a large enough selection to attract garage sale buyers. Be brutally honest about the contents of your closets and garage. Now is the time to get rid of anything that you have not worn in more than a year or that no longer fits. Get rid of the kids' old toys and clothes as well.

Group items together by theme or use. The best garage sales are organized. After gathering your items you should notice which are your big ticket items or collections. Are you selling a variety of designer handbags? Or maybe matchbox cars and lunchboxes are more your speed? Pay attention to the groupings and organize the items so that shoppers can easily purchase several items at the same time. Clean and spruce. Have several tables you can arrange to display the items. Then clean everything so that it has at least a gently used appearance. Do not attempt to sell items that are damaged, torn or have holes in them. Clean the clothes and then display them on a hanging rack or neatly folded for display.

Advertise your yard sale. Unless you live in a neighborhood that is famous for yard sales, you will need to advertise. This will not be as simple as placing a few posters at the end of the street. For the best results, advertise your sale in your local newspaper for the weekend of the sale. Also try listing the sale at Craigslist or other websites that will attract community shoppers looking for a deal. Tag everything with a clear price. Help your shoppers make decisions and you will not have to try to remember the price of everything. Do not expect to make a ton of money. Regardless of what you spent when you originally purchased the items, they are still used and being sold on the lawn.

Get selling and prepare to haggle. At yard sales, every price is negotiable so be prepared to be flexible on pricing. Do not attempt to manage a garage sale on your own. Get a commitment from your friends or family to help out so everyone knows their part for the day of the sale. Then remember to have fun. Holding a garage or yard sale may get you some quick cash but it will also help clean out your closets.

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