Hiring the Right Graphic Designer for Your Small Business

Every small business needs it, but not many have it. I am not talking
About cash flow, clients or even your product or services to sell. Yes, all
Of these things are absolutely necessary. But, what I am talking about is
Something most small business owners overlook. It is the need to hire
An expert graphic designer.

In a highly competitive marketplace, hiring an expert graphic designer
Can mean the difference in whether your product or service stands out
And gets noticed or in having it lost in the fanfare generated by your
Business rivals.

Now, more than ever, hiring an expert to create your marketing and
Communication materials (also called contractual materials) is one of the
Most vital ingredients in the success of your small business.

Hiring the right graphic designer – a true expert – is a bit more involved
Than just randomly choosing someone from the Yellow Pages or hiring
Your third cousin because he is creative and owns a new computer.

If you are not careful, you may find yourself hiring the wrong person for
The wrong reasons, which may cause more harm than good to your
Small business.

This is a big deal. After all, this person will be creating the look and
Identity of your small business seen by all of your prospects and
Customers. It is essential that you do not just hire anyone.

Here are five things you need to do in hiring the RIGHT graphic
Designer for your small business.

Number 1: Understand that graphic design is an investment, not an
Expense. This investment will pay huge dividends for the image of your
Business and in determining its future success. You need to be willing to
Invest in hiring a qualified, experienced professional, rather than hiring
The cheapest person you can find. The old adage that … you get what you
Pay for … is genuinely true.

Naturally, your budget is an important issue in choosing a designer. I am
Not saying you need to fork over thousands upon thousands of dollars to
The person you hire. But, if you hire the cheapest you can find and shop
On price alone, I promise, you will get exactly what you pay for.

Number 2: Not all graphic designers are created equal. Just because
Someone says that he / she is a graphic designer does not mean that the
Person is necessarily worth his / her salt. The key here is to examine that
Person's portfolio of work.

Graphic design is more than pretty pictures or cool graphics. It is a visual
Means of solving complex business problems by communicating the
Essence of your business message and personality. Therefore, when
You are looking at the designer's portfolio do not just take a quick look.
Dig in and ask many questions about the work.

What was the design problem? How was it solved? What was the
Concept behind the design solution? Why were the colors chosen? Why
Was the format chosen? What were the results? Has the client satisfied?

If the designer can not answer these questions or answers with "I did it this
Way because it looks cool … "or" I used yellow because it is my favorite
Color … "move on.

Number 3: Hire a designer with experience. Someone fresh out of
Design school may be enthusiastic about working for you, but may not
Be the best investment you can make.

You should hire a designer who has, at the very least, three or more
Years of real world experience under his / her belt.

The more experience a designer offers, the better he / she will be able to
Steer you away from potential headaches and pitfalls. An experienced
Designer can suggest ways to handle your project that you may never
Have thought of before.

A seasoned designer will also have a good idea of ​​what works and what
Does not work, such as the best way to format a direct mail piece or which
Colors and fonts work best in conveying the message and feeling you
Are trying to communicate.

Experience relates back to the first point I made. Hiring an experienced
Designer is a better investment of your marketing dollars.

You probably would not feel comfortable firing someone with little
Experience in medicine to perform surgery on you … the same can be
Said for hiring a designer. Essentially a designer is performing surgery
On your business by constructing the look and feel of your design

Bottom line: real world experience is priceless.

Number 4: Check references. If the designer you are considering has
Done a stellar job for previous and / or current clients, that professional
Should not leave in giving you names of people that attest to that fact.
No references should be taken as a big red flag.

When contacting references, which you should, ask questions about the
Overall experience with the designer.

Is the designer a professional? Would you use the designer again? Do
You feel you got your money's worth? Did he / she deliver the project
Within the timeframe and the budget upon which was originally agreed?
Does the finished piece solve your problem? Ask, as many questions as
You think will apply to your particular situation.

Number 5: Honestly discuss your budget. Budget is usually the
Proverbial 800-lb gorilla in the middle of the room. Most everyone has a
Budget in mind, but not many want to discuss it.

If you have done steps one through four, you will be close to hiring
Someone that is not a trained sales killer and is not just interested in
Taking all of your money, so you can be open and honest with them.

Having a candid discussion with the designer about what you can
Practically afford is vital, because:

First: It lets both of you know, right off the bat, whenever you can work
Together. You will not waste time washing … how much is this going to
Cost me or do I have the money to hire this person?

Second: It will allow for a discussion of what you can expect in
Exchange for the money you will spend.

Obviously, the key is to hire a designer that can work within your budget.

To do that, you MUST have an honest and open discussion about
Money. No one wants a last minute surprise about what it will cost to
Work together.

One last thing …

You should view the graphic designer you hire as your strategic
Business partner and an invaluable member of your team. Sure, you can
Hire a pro just once to create only one specific design solution, but hiring
A graphic designer with a rich breadth of capabilities and experience
That you can tap into repeatedly is a much wiser investment.

As a small business owner, you have a vision, opportunity and direction
For your business. The designer's job is to come along side you and
Develop the best visual solution to fulfill that vision, opportunity and

It is your brand. It is your image. It is your business message that the
Designer will be communicating visually. Make sure whomever you hire
Aligns with these key points discussed.

Hiring the RIGHT graphic designer really is That important.

Source by Jeanna Pool

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