Hickory Arts | The Past 5 Years

Hickory Arts | The Past 5 Years

“The key to this business is personal relationships. Suddenly, it was all pretty clear. The answer was fewer clients.” — Jerry Maguire

A big, fat thank you to those we believe in.

How do you advertise without advertising? Get out of the way. You don’t wear our t-shirts. We wear yours. We’re here to help artists get from point A to point B, whatever that may be; tiny or big steps; workshops or private sessions; a place to create. You deserve all the credit and glory. It’s all about encouraging that personal motivation and incentive to grow at something meaningful to you. The more transparent we are, the more visible you are. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us and for the privilege of growing together in skill as artists and arts advocates.

Home is where the “art” is. A personal relationship can strengthen the professional one. We are always willing and eager to personally mentor and produce independent artistry. We like nothing better than to see each artist enjoy and experience their own artistic sovereignty. Studios should only be interested in furthering your career, not the other way around.

There’s a very thin line, if any, between who we are and what we do as artists, so please know that supporting/subscribing to anything Hickory Arts and affiliated artists is very much appreciated.

Produced by Carol Anne Hartman Photography and Plastic Moon Pictures at Hickory Arts
Additional footage courtesy of Garrick Lane, Bill Rahn and, of course, Cameron Crowe
Music by Jeff Hartman
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