Google AdSense – Your Highway to a Golden Goose of Cold Hard Cash

The Internet offers several programs for the bold and innovative netizens to make money through skillful employment of various tools. Google AdSense business is one such program to generate income and profits for you. Let us examine some smart moves to enhance your income from Google AdSense business.

The Magic potion

The magic potion to double your income from Google AdSense business is to get more click throughs. You can achieve this by increasing the traffic to your website or work, increasing the click through rate directly. The following tips are designed to help you achieve the click through rate without much hassle.

1. Your website to match your AdSense

Take a good look at your AdSense ads. The borders, if any can be removed and background colors matched to that of your website. Consider the color of the links in the ad and match them to other links you have on your page.

2. Placement

The placement of the ad is as important as the look of the advertisement. Look for ample white space around the ad and placement on top of the page.

3. Add a Google search bar

Google AdSense business gives it to you for free. When the visitor uses the search box from your page, your AdSense ID gets embedded in all the searches irrespective of the numbers.

4. How does it benefit you?

When the visitor clicks on any sponsored link from your page, you make the income. Similarly, if he uses the back button to click another ad, the profit is yours.

Source by Fabian Tan

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