Funding-University: Career-driven student lending

We are the preferred loan for hardworking, career focused students.

What’s that mean?
We lend to independent-minded, aspiring professionals to finance their undergraduate college education.

Isn’t that just student lending?
We’re different from all other student lenders.

We’re an independent lender. We judge a student’s credit worthiness based on their career track & post-college earnings potential while other lenders see you just as your credit score or judge you only on the strength of your co-signer.

What does that mean for me?
For solid students earning their degree, we offer a simple, low fixed-rate loan to finance upcoming school expenses and even consolidate existing federal and private student loans.

Is that good?
Yes! It’s one easy payment that saves you money, often a lot of money, plus only Funding-U offers financing that doesn’t accrue interest while in school.

Put simply, we don’t “run the meter” on interest while you’re in school like traditional lenders do. This frees you to focus on your studies and your career transition. Set yourself up to keep enjoying life after college and not stress over your student debt.

What about federal loans?
The government uses a one-size fits all approach that lumps all students, good and bad, and their parents in together. We believe hard working students have earned a superior loan alternative.

Is this like a merit-based aid or merit scholarship?
We only offer career driven student loans. You can visit our website or follow us on Twitter to find additional resources about financial aid, scholarships as well as credit education tools.

How do you do all this?
We have community backers, like alumni from your school, who want to invest in career minded students like yourself. They provide the funds and we underwrite and originate loans through our online lending platform.

How much can I borrow?
Approved Georgia residents who are actively enrolled as undergrads at an accredited 4-year college can borrow between $3,000 and $25,000 per semester.

How do I apply / find out more?
We’re offering student loans to a limited number of select Georgia students in 2016 for Summer and Fall semesters. Join us at and see if you pre-qualify.

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