Four Quadrants Client Testimonials – Drs. Eric and Jessica Balsis 2017

Imagine coming up with a long-term plan for retirement BEFORE you joined your first dental practice as an associate? That’s exactly the situation Dr. Eric Balsis found himself in when joining Dr. Todd Christy’s booming Berrien Springs, Michigan dental practice shortly after graduation from dental school in 2009.

Dr. Christy had already been working with Four Quadrants and was saving more for retirement than ever before. We had also found many ways to increase cash flow dramatically in his practice while lowering overhead. So Eric’s new boss gently persuaded them to “ . . . have a talk with them before you come to work here.”

Eric knew putting away for retirement from day one was certainly wise, but he and his wife Jessica, a veterinary doctor, had just emerged from nearly a decade of scrimping and saving their undergraduate and graduate degrees. “We were finally going to be making some money,” Eric said. “We wanted to have some fun.

Luckily Four Quadrants’ found ways for the newly-minted graduates to save money, pay off student loans responsibly and enjoy their passions alike showing horses around the country. And it could be done without piling on ridiculous work hours to increase production.

That was seven years ago, and Drs. Eric and Jessica are on their way to becoming multimillionaires by retirement. They stopped by during their annual meeting with Four Quadrants to discuss their experience as clients for the last seven years — and of course— report if they were ever able to enjoy life during this time.

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