Financial inclusion solution for the underserved

America needs a financial inclusion solution for the underserved families that resort to the use of alternative financial services to meet routine expenses. These services include payday loans, title loans, auto loans, check cashing, walk-in bill pay, installment loans, rent to own and many others. There are over 67 million adults in America that have to resort to the use of costly and predatory alternative financial services just to make ends meet.

For the underserved, unbanked and those living paycheck to paycheck, PayActiv has built a financial inclusion solution – a parallel financial grid that unlocks earned but unpaid income. PayActiv works with businesses to offer this service as an employee financial wellness benefit. A tool to alleviate financial stress for employees while simultaneously improving retention, productivity for their business.

PayActiv is turnkey and frictionless for businesses to offer. Not only is there no change to a business’ existing operations or payroll systems, but there are zero setup or recurring costs to the business. This makes the PayActiv solution free of cost for businesses to offer to its people.

PayActiv has built a network of alliances to set-up a parallel grid that allows access to necessary financial services without having to interact with or rely on the banking or alternative financial services infrastructure.

PayActiv aims to create a world with Security, Dignity and Savings.

Security: where one is not afraid in times of financial stress; Dignity: where no one is ashamed of financial struggles.
Savings: where one is prepared for a rainy today or tomorrow.

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