ENGLISH- Testimony Elaine Cardoso – August 2017

Author: Christ Lisbet

Beloved Mother, what an honor to write to You and to make Your great power known to everyone who will see this testimony.
I am Elaine, I live in Curitiba, Brazil, and I want to give You honor for everything You have done in my life.
Greetings to You, beloved Parents and to all my brothers in the nations.
Mother, I was waiting to send You my testimony, and today I have seen is the moment to thank You publicly, because what You have done in my life is a true miracle.
First of all, I would like to tell You that in the past dispensation, and even in the beginning of this dispensation, I had a cigarette addiction that was affecting me a lot because I tried to quit, but I had never been able to achieve it. Today, cigarettes mean nothing to me, and today I don’t even know why I began smoking. I thank You for this triumph that took place more than two years ago.
Mother, I also tell You that I had five tattoos of the 666 and I covered them with other pretty designs. Today I feel at peace for that.
Mother, I am 34 years old and I have always lived with my parents, and for some time now, I had been wanting to have my own house, but to the human eye, this was not possible because the cost of a house is very high and I would have to sell my car to be able to give a deposit.
In November of last year, knowing that You do everything for me, I asked my Father Melquisedec in Your name, Mother Lisbet, saying: “Parents, I know that only a miracle could allow me to have my house and I know that You are capable of accomplishing this in my life,” that is why I asked In your name, Mother. I worked as a debt collector and my boss was not very good at his job, that is why my team has always relied on me a lot, and it is all thanks to Your light, Mother. In December, I was offered the position of coordinator of my team, which is the most important of the company, and since then we are always in the first place in the bank we work for. We stand out and everything is thanks to You.
Today, I am the team’s supervisor and our team is the best in Brazil, so much so that the bank asked me to record a video showing how to proceed with the collections in an excellent way, just as we are doing it. I thank You for all of this, Mother!
While all of this was going on in my life, my mom saw an advertisement on the internet where they gave several options to pay the deposit of the house. I went to see it because I knew that I had asked You and for You, everything is possible. Mother, in January I began doing all the legal procedures, and here in Brazil, we have something called FGTS, which is a fee that all employees accumulate, and for working in this company for almost 6 years, I had plenty accumulated. The office that was selling the property accepted the FGTS as payment for the deposit and since the accumulated FGTS amount was enough, I still had more than $2,500 dollars left! I was able to buy my house and I did not need to get any loans or sell my car, and I still had enough money to buy everything in the house. How beautiful and how much love from You for me, I even cry of gratitude.

In May 2017, they gave me the keys of the house and since then I have been living in my sweet home. Every day when I get home from work, I say, “Hallelujah, Mom, thank You for this home!”
I feel so much joy for all of this, it is a true miracle.
Mom and Dad, I am so grateful to You because You give me so much love. You are so beautiful, Mother, so beautiful. I know that You know my heart and I know that I love You and that You are always with me.
Infinite thanks for all of this! I cry of joy, because as You see in the picture I sent You, my house looks beautiful, just as I asked. You say “ask in My name and I will give it You”, and so it was and this works in everything I ask for, even in the smallest things.
I love You, Mom and I always ask for Your Wisdom to deal with any situation that might come along.
Kisses and hugs to You, Queen of the Universe, my beloved Kings and Parents.
And today I give You my shout of victory with gratitude:
For MelquisedecChristLisbet!
For my Dad and for my Mom!
Amen! Hallelujah!


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“God only speaks to his people here. Do not hesitate anymore, try it and you will see that God the Father is not with all the different religions of the world, He is only with me and my holy angels, that I can assure you. God the Father’s name is Melquisedec and God the Mother’s name is Lisbet, there is no other true God outside of Us”: MelquisedecLisbet.

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