Eating Well Daily

America is one of the most obese nations in the world. You can hardly throw a stick anywhere without it landing on a fast-food restaurants. Most of us hardly take the time to count the amount of calories we take in daily, let alone the amount of calories we burn. Children are exceptionally well at mimicking their adult counterparts. Meaning, obese parents often have children who end up becoming obese as well. However, by making a few small changes in our diet, we can eliminate the amount of bad calories we take in, maximize the amount of nutrition we put into our bodies, we can start getting on the right track for eating well daily.


For some people, their breakfast may consist of pork sausages, chicken and waffles, fried eggs, etc. These meals are often packed with calories and fats, and is a poor way to start off your day. Consuming all of those unnecessary calories end up doing more harm than good in the process. As an alternative, one should look into incorporating fresh fruit into their meals such as oranges, bananas, strawberries, etc. Whole-grain cereals with skim or soy milk is a personal favorite. Eggs whites made with olive oil instead of vegetable oil is a much healthier alternative. There’s also oatmeal, yogurts, and even protein shakes. These are just a few ideas on how you can start eating well.

Eating Well For Lunch

Lunch doesn’t have to be all about fast food and diners. For some of us, our lunch can be comparable to the amount that we eat for dinner. Still, there are much healthier options at a fraction of a cost. A fresh salad with your favorite fruits or even some fish is packed with essential vitamins that can give you the energy you need to help take on the rest of the day without feeling weighed down with “empty” calories. Also, a whole-wheat wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato and some light dressing is much healthier for you than any SubWay sandwich. A freshly made panini is also a valid choice as well for eating well.

Eating Well For Dinner

The last meal that we eat should be the healthiest. After dinner, physical activity is generally at a minimum and most of us are probably gonna kick back and relax a little bit, before calling it a night. While it is true that the body burns calories even while we sleep, it occurs at a much slower pace. Therefore, it would not be to our advantage to ingest large amounts of calories just before going to bed. Some healthier options for dinner include whole-wheat pasta with some shrimp and spinach tossed in can make for a very healthy and delicious dinner. Baked beans with rice is also a very healthy option as well. Even a serving of chicken soup can help give you the calories you need minus the excess fat and cholesterol.

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