Dressed 2 Dance Part1

Dressed to Dance was presented in the Guggenheim Museum of New York in February 2010 in a historic performance – exhibition where the choreography, dancers and costumes occupied the rotunda and spiral ramps of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building.

Dressed to Dance is a Spanish dance performance and runway exhibition that showcases a selection of approximately sixty Spanish dance costumes designed by Spanish artists, including historic pieces by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí in a unique, dynamic show. Dressed to Dance is choreographed and performed by today’s most outstanding Spanish dancers. Dressed to Dance creates a site specific event integrating the performance into the architectural space of mayor theatres, art museums and institutions. Dressed to Dance underlines the relationship between Spanish dance and the visual arts and explores the link between flamenco and the avant garde.
The costumes

Gathered in an exceptional collection of Spanish dance stage costumes reflecting almost a century of design are Picasso’s historic designs made for the Three Cornered Hat in 1919 and Salvador Dalí’s designs for Don Juan Tenorio in 1948. There are also costumes by Néstor, who designed for La Argentina in 1919 and 1927, Victor Cortezo who created costumes for Pilar Lopez in 1953, and Victor Viudes who designed for Antonio Ruiz in 1953. Also shown are pieces created by Miguel de Molina in 1945 and 1960.

Pieces by present day performing arts costume designers Yvonne Blake, Pedro Moreno, By Luna, Jesús Ruiz and the El País dance critic, Roger Salas, who has also written the catalogue notes, are also included in the collection. By including costumes by some of today’s leading fashion designers such as Lorenzo Caprile, Modesto Lomba or Giorgio Armani, who have created pieces for Rafael Amargo, Rojas & Rodriguez and Joaquin Cortés, Dressed to Dance brings into focus the close relationship that has existed between Spanish dance, design and fashion over the last century.

Costumes on loan from major Spanish companies and institutions

Costumes for Dressed to Dance are lent by the Spanish National Ballet, the Centro Dramático Nacional, the Antonio Gades Foundation, The Miguel Molina Foundation, The Andalusia Dance Company, The Rojas & Rodriguez Company, The Rafael Amargo Company and other companies and institutions, as well as some of the participating dancers.

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