Direct Sales VS Human Sandwich Signs?

Which is better to stick a college student out side of your business wearing a silly sandwich Sign or send out direct mail marketing pieces to all the residents within a 10-mile radius of your store? Sounds like a funny question indeed, and yet this was a question asked by a marketing student in a marketing class where I got a speech.

Okay, I said so tell me more about my business, what kind of a business is it and what is the daily traffic going buy? Is there a safe place for this human shield to stand away from bad drivers? What is the speed of the traffic out front? Are they whizzing by at 55 mph or are slowed to a stop due to a stop sign or intersection?

The student decided that the business was a pawn shop, we would pay the student sandwich sign employee minimum wage plus cold drinks every hour and he would take off non-peak periods for breaks and remain out there during the peak lunch traffic.

Okay fine and the direct mail pieces would go out to 8,000 customers each month if I chose that. Okay, I said and then I choose both. Direct mail marketing pieces every other month and the sandwich sign guy 3 days per week, especially during non-pay day weeks. The class agreed and it was entered into the hypothetical business plan, next question.

Source by Lance Winslow

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