Cheap Zippos Make a Man

The female mind can never remember the mystery behind most men's affinity towards Zippo lighters. It is a wonder why even non-smokers give hints on wanting one as presents for their birthdays, for Christmas or for their anniversaries. So what then is it with them? Why are men so interested in owning one, whether it is a customized, pricey, or cheap Zippos.

A lot of men even prefer Zippo lighters over elegant cigarette lighter cases, or a colibri pocket watch. Here, we will try to remember why a cheap Zippo lighter is considered better than other gift items.

1. They are easy on the budget
Yes, men do sometimes consider the financial aspects of an object. With cheap Zippo lighters, you get the same quality, the same sophistication, yet a much lower cost. They can also be assured their girlfriends or their wives will not nag them about its price later on.

2. They are pleasing to the eye
Cheap Zippo lighters look great. They have already established itself as a status symbol, most likely because of the crowd it draws due to its quality and styles. Toting around a lovely, although cheap, lighter will add to your "sophistication", so to speak.

3. They reinforce the manly image
Flipping and flicking cheap Zippo lighters not only make males feel good, they actually look good doing so. There is something intangibly masculine and sophisticated about a man and his lighter. When one thinks of a male, lighting up his cigar with a lighter, you do not get the image of a cowboy in the wild, wild west. Instead, you get an image of a young, urban professional, sexy and sophisticated in his dress shirt and slacks, lighting up a cigarette with his lighter.

4. They make great conversation pieces
Zippo lighters are too cool not to noticed. When you see someone with one, it is not so hard to strike a conversation with that person. Especially if his own has a cool, unique design … well, what could be more attractive than that?

5. They are handy
Cheap Zippo lighters are actually so light on the pockets. Despite its metal case, these are actually quite convenient. You will not even notice that you are bringing it with you inside your pockets.

6. They are reliable.
Yes, reliable. Safe and reliable. They have earned the reputation of being "windproof" lighters. Why? Because they are able to withstand, and stay lit, despite harsh weather conditions. Why is this possible? It is attributable to the design of the lighter's wind screen and adequate rate of fuel delivery. Cheap Zippo lighters are extremely popular with people who love the outdoors. Durable, and cheap, no wonder they are the lighters of choice.

7. They make great gifts.
Most men also believe that lighters make great gifts for their loved ones. With the popularity and the beauty of these, even women will be sure to love them.

Source by Bradlley Mckoy

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