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cash loans online Are you frustrated that you can’t get a loan because of a busy credit file? Does your credit file have defaults, bankruptcy or debt agreements listed on it? Cash Loans Today understands the problems people face with a bad credit rating. And we also know that a blemished credit rating isn’t always a real reflection of someone’s attitude towards repaying their debt, and that’s why cash loans today are prepared to give people a real chance when it comes to getting a loan. Cash Loans Today are a 100% Australian based finance business who specialise in cash loans online, personal loans, car loans and even home loans for people with impaired credit ratings. To qualify for a loan you must be employed or self-employed and demonstrate that you can service the proposed loan without difficulty to qualify for a loan. Please do not apply for a loan if your income is based on any type on Centrelink payments such as aged pension or unemployment payments. You will need to lodge an application on-line or you can download the paper based application as a PDF file and fax, e-mail or post it to Cash Loans Today. In support of your application you will need to provide us with a copy of your license or some other photo ID, 2 recent payslips, the last 3 months personal bank statements and any other documentation that we may request.

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