CarsArrive Fuel Card – 1.5min whiteboard

With the CarsArrive Fuel Card program, you’ll get the savings, control, and convenience you’ve been waiting for!

As an independent car hauler you’re probably paying too much for fuel, and that certainly affects your bottom line.

Leveraging a network of over 70,000 trucks, CarsArrive has negotiated substantial fuel discounts with truck stop and retail fuel partners. So, whether you’re a 1 truck, 10 truck, or 20 truck operation, you can get the fuel discounts of a 70,000 truck fleet!

Simply swipe the CarsArrive fuel card at the pump, and let the fuel savings begin!

With the CarsArrive Fuel Card, you’ll get:

• Huge fuel discounts of 10¢ – 45¢ off the “cash price” at 14 thousand locations.
• Security and controls that let you choose exactly what can be charged to your account, by whom, and for how much.
• Real-time online account management and transaction-level detailed reporting, so you can stop chasing after receipts.
• And the ability to pay your drivers by transferring money or providing cash on the fly.

Packed with pre-negotiated fuel discounts and industry-leading security, the CarsArrive Fuel Card program allows you to focus on your most important goal – growing your business!

Apply for a weekly line of credit or choose to prefund your account, and start saving immediately!

Sign up today at

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