Car Loans With Bad Credit – 4 Easy Tips
The auto industry is a highly competitive. This is why car loans with bad credit are very doable.

4 key factors that will determine your car loan are…

1) Credit History — Your credit score will be the primary factor that determines your interest rate on car loan.

With lower scores expect higher interest.

2) Job History — Car lenders also look closely at your job history. A solid job history can open up lots of doors

for you.

3) Monthly Income — To increase your chances of qualifying for the best loan, it’s good if your monthly income is

$1500 or more. Anything less, while not absolutely impossible, may be a challenge.

4) Down Payment — Car loans with bad credit will usually require 10%-20% of the purchase price of your car as a down

payment. If you have even more to put down great ~ Money Talks!

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