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Buyback , sell gold, sell goods instant cash with buy sell and loan in milton keynes
With a buyback, you can get instant cash for your gold and cash for goods. With the option to buyback and repurchase your items within 28 days and your first loans interest free saving you money. This is a great service if you need instant cash. With no application forms to fill. You can get cash same day. Longer periods are available please ask one of our staff.
Buyback Definition
You can sell gold , sell cds, sell games, sell mobile, sell goods and sell many other items including tools, laptop and more. You get instant cash for those items.
We then issue you with a repurchase agreement . You have the option to come back within 28 days and buyback your items.
The first time you use our service there is no interest charge on your first 28 day buyback*. You can have a longer on buyback by renewing the buyback , there will be a charge for this and any subsequent buybacks. We will of course endeavour to beat your local pawn shop and pawnbrokers rates.
Stock buy back examples
Buy sell and Loan are buy and sell experts , and so we are able to value your goods.
For example if we gave you price say £100, the repurchase option buyback agreement will be dated for 28 days from the date of issue and you will need to come back in by then, and pay back £100 to buyback your item.

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