Business Opportunity Lead Generation

There are so many types of lead generation techniques and strategies it could make your head spin. The problem lies within the marketer and their budget. Obviously if you have deep pockets and money to burn then you are at an obvious advantage. For the marketer who has entered a business opportunity that has very little marketing dollars their lies the dilemma. Sure there are free ways you can place ads, and try to stretch your marketing dollars but it sometimes can be a long and frustrating process. It looks like today people are allergic to the telephone, with all this automation looks a little impersonal to me. I think people want human interaction.

On the other hand it is very hard to reach people and actually talk to them live because of call screening, filters, and various other factors. But the truth is "telephone lead generation" is one of the fastest and least inexpensive form of marketing if done correctly and efficiently. We can call anywhere in the USA 24/7 for literally peanuts. For less than in most areas you can call for less than $ 75.00 per month.

But who wants to pick up the phone manually and constantly dial, leave voice messages, and maybe after an hour of this insanity talk to 3-5 people live if you are lucky. I use to do it for hours on end maybe I am a masochist and like rejection I do not know but certainly do not do it anymore at least not this way. So I researched online for a product or technology that would make me more efficient and still keep marketing costs way down.

I found a web based technology that will let you download a list of names in CSV format with one click and set them up for 'automated calling.' Now once you login to the system and dial in you are set to go. Fingers never have to touch your phone again until the session is over. I put on my headset has my mouse nearby and my computer screen. Now all I have to do is click start calling and the system goes to work for me.

Now here is the best part of all this. Before you start calling you will call in to a special number and record a 30 second voicemail message for all those dreaded no homes, and it is done automatically and perfectly each and every time. You never speak into your telephone to do this, just click the tab on screen and it is done. We are not done yet because in the system there are emails that are already pre designed for you, just add your contact information and website if you have one and automatically when the system disconnects it sends out an email to the potential lead with all the pertinent Information.

So in (one software application) we have an autodialer, an automated voice messaging service, and a bulk email blaster. So now how do you think the chances of us communicating with our prospects is going to increase with this type of a system? Well I am glad you asked. Here is the results of a test I did. Now the numbers will change based on the amount of live prospects you actually talk to, because the system is on pause until you are finished with your live prospect.

In approximately 70 minutes the system dialed 90 numbers, I talked live with 18 people, left 68 voicemails, and left 90 email messages, how is that for efficiency. If you tried to do this manually you can imagine the hours you would have to spend to get the same results. An incredible tool for any marketer with a low budget and wants to start contacting potential leads for their business right away. I downloaded a list of 500 names, phone #, email addresses.

With this system my home based business took off into the stratosphere. No matter what you are promoting MLM, network marketing, direct sales, cash gifting, or any online activity that you need to have a "contact master" this tool can be your secret weapon at a cost because now for every person who is contacted you Have 3 ways to get your message across without all the frustration and rejection.

Business Opportunity Lead Generation made easy, if you would like more information you can contact me below in my bio box through my email and I would be happy to speak with you.

Source by Herb Daly Jr

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