Business Cards: The Other Side

All of us have business cards. Most of us have standard-size cards, printed on one side. How much more mileage could you get from your cards by using both sides?

There are lots of uses for the back of a business card. Why not try one (or more) of these? If you print your own business cards on the computer, you can make short runs of different types and see what works best for you.

  • Put a map of your location on the back, with directions on how to get there.
  • Print one or more client testimonials, with their names. To repay them for taking the time to give a testimonial, you could also list a web address or other info for them.
  • List your specialties, topics, or other information about your products and services. For example, a massage therapist may list the modalities they employ.
  • Show a picture of your book cover or product. The visual will help them to remember it.
  • Make your card a coupon for a free consultation, a dollar or percentage discount, gift with purchase, or other value. Consider using an expiration date, or print "Offer good through," and leave a space where you can write in an expiration date.
  • List your seminar schedule.
  • Give instructions for subscribing to your ezine or newsletter.
  • Print quotes or sayings. In the Franklin Covey store they give out cards with beautifully printed quotes on one side and their contact information on the other.
  • Print a product or service description from your catalog. You might want to leave the price, or state a date the price is good through. You do not want someone showing up 10 years from now trying to claim an outdated price.
  • Put a survey or response card on the back, and promise a free gift (such as a booklet) when they respond. Of course, also send them another card.
  • Print a form to encourage people to pass your card along as a referral.
  • Hand write a note, or print a note in one of the handwriting fonts. It could be something like, "I enjoyed meeting you! Please call me the next time you need an attorney."
  • Put short (clean) jokes on the back of your card. Use a variety of jokes, not just one or two. These make a great icebreaker at a networking event.

Whatever you do, make sure you always have a supply of your business cards with you. And give them out to as many people as you can!

Source by Cathy Stucker

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