BTCJam is the first global peer-to-peer lending network, powered by Bitcoin.

Our mission is to connect individual lenders looking for attractive returns with borrowers looking for accessible and affordable loans.

In emerging economies, like Mexico and India, it is very difficult for citizens to obtain an affordable loan. For example, in Brazil the interest rate for a personal loan can easily reach 200%. Simultaneously, the borrower has to jump through many ‘bureaucratic hoops’, making the application a lengthy process.

Through the completely global, independent and digital currency Bitcoin, BTCJam can facilitate fast and cheap transactions, while overcoming the boundaries between countries. Furthermore, BTCJam developed a unique online, peer-to-peer reputation system in lieu of traditional credit scores to qualify borrowers across the world and allow them to build a transparent credit profile on the platform.

We are very excited about and highly committed to fulfilling our mission, changing how the financial industry operates and enhancing the social impact if Bitcoin.

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