You are an honest hard working individual.

Your toil will one day realise all the wishes you deserve.

You don’t ask for much: just a little happiness.

Brands keep you smiling.

Food brands. Social media brands. Tech brands. Professional brands. Fashion brands. Car brands. Leisure brands… happy moments.

They serve to help others acknowledge your value … improve your esteem, fulfil your ambitions … be part of a cause … the pursuit of happiness.

Brands are more than just symbols of your status. They are smiles in your mind and courage in your heart.

They prove you know your stuff. You are distinctive, shrewd, in the game: the winners’ game of happiness.

Affording stuff to feel happy, costs money.

Money buys options for improved happiness.

The kind of happiness we are told we can have.

Like owning the latest, most convenient, fastest, stylish, smart, fashionable, savvy and efficient packages happiness.

That joy alone is worth any sacrifices that come with being happy.

The longer we work – the more we can produce things of joy that keep everybody happy. (Especially those working so hard to earn their own share of happiness.)

Happiness is always in demand. Demand drives needs. Everybody needs to be happy. Competition for happiness is stronger than ever.

It takes a lot of effort to keep so many people happy. Money to pay for buildings, factories … workers … materials, … repay loans that promised to buy all the things to make us happy.

Some say earlier times were happier times.

(Although at the time, everyone had to grin and bear it).

Providing we can use all our available time towards being happy, even if sometimes we become unhappy that we can’t afford more happiness, surely it will be worth it.

We can keep on dreaming happy wishes about being totally contented.

Eventually you will have enough money to buy the ultimate stuff of pure happiness. The novel: cautionary tale for our times.

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