Born With The Moon In Scorpio

According to Astrology, the exact location of the moon during the time of your birth determines your emotional reaction to the world around you. While the astrological sun colors your outwardly aggressive actions, the moon dictates your inner, passive or receptive urges. The moon is your “female energy” – she represents the type of nurturing energy you project, and/or the type of mothering you received as a child. Today we will discuss the Moon in Scorpio.

The Scorpio Moon: Joy and Pain

The Moon is literally in its fall, or denouement, in this sign. For this reason, Scorpio Moon folks are known to grapple with themselves on the inside. They typically experience all emotions extremely, deeply and totally – ecstasy, sorrow, elation… and yes, their tempers, when provoked, can be explosive. To complicate matters, Scorpio Moon people regard their own emotions as a source of vulnerability and therefore try to keep their true feelings under wraps. So, it’s not surprising that while many Scorpio Moons are traveling this earth feeling everything very intensely, they’re also wearing this kind of detached look. After all, if they were to be found out, there would be very grave consequences indeed. What those consequences might be is anybody’s guess… but if the Scorpio Moon is the one doing the imagining, it’s sure to be quite catastrophic.

The Scorpio Moon, in a nutshell: intensity. Intense likes, intense dislikes, intense fascination, intense disgust… and yes, in keeping with the general Scorpio reputation, intense love affairs. This is a very black-and-white, all-or-nothing moon with extremely fixed notions about things. If you’re loved by a Scorpio Moon then you are loved fiercely, totally and completely; but if you’re despised by a Scorpio Moon, then you may as well not exist. And it’s quite possible in dealing with this turbulent moon native that both emotions may be directed at you at different points in this lifetime. If a Scorpio Moon perceives that you have slighted them in some way… better make good immediately, or run and hide until the mood passes, because in all likelihood, revenge is being plotted against YOUR head!

The Scorpio Moon: Offsetting the Drama With Private Relaxation

Scorpio Moon people tend to go through life acting on hunches, “reading between the lines” – picking up subtle nonverbal cues, moods, intentions, underlying messages and such. Indeed, someone with this moon placement may get a very different meaning from the same conversation heard by someone with a more literal and pragmatic mind. This is not only quite distracting to the moon native, but when they react to these perceptions it often leads to undesired consequences and drama. Thus, the irony of the Scorpio Moon; being consumed by the very internal composition one despises in himself, and attracting drama-infused situations as a direct result of trying to avoid them.

A troubled Scorpion Moon person should allow herself some distance from time to time… a private sanctuary where she can sort out her emotions, get a healthy perspective and then emerge from the “cocoon” with renewed inner peace and a higher purpose in mind. Indeed, reflection and meditation feels quite natural to this introspective moon native and is encouraged as a way to take the edge off and temper the extreme moods. A deeply sensitive soul, capable of great courage and strength… there is much room for psychological growth and wisdom to be gained with this lunar positioning.

The Scorpio Moon: A Powerful Force for Good OR Evil

As with any sign, there are both positives and negatives to the Scorpio Moon placement. The sign of Scorpio has been assigned two symbols- the Scorpion and the Eagle. The former, a covert creature who stealths along the ground; and the latter, a symbol of power and might, soaring into the high heavens. Lows and highs… the Scorpio Moon is quite familiar with both states of consciousness… more than most, in fact.

Spiritually evolved Scorpio Moon souls can (and should) harness the gift of their emotional intensity and move proverbial mountains with it. If a Scorpio Moon person is intrinsically good, then that goodness of spirit can manifest itself in divine ways… extreme compassion and generosity toward fellow man, great and unshakeable integrity, impeccably honest conduct in business and personal affairs, and a permanent seat on the side of righteousness and justice. An enlightened Scorpio Moon will pledge his whole self to any and every cause he deems important; profess his undying faith to his family, home, country; and even make the ultimate sacrifice in a lifelong promise to serve God. Yes, this moon placement is often found in religious leaders, as the spiritual aspect is heavily emphasized here.

Less evolved Scorpio moons, on the other hand, are not averse to using abject means to get what they want. The concentration of power in this sign placement has led many a wayward Scorpio lunar native down a dark and devious path of corruption. In direct contrast to their enlightened counterparts; illicit affairs, illegal and underhanded dealings, petty and deceitful behavior, psychological turmoil, and loyalty to no one but themselves are trademark signs of the afflicted Scorpio Moon. Again, this is all due to the fact that Scorpio is in the moon’s fall, thus making emotions feel uncomfortable, unnatural and all-encompassing. With the all-or-nothing theme at work, indeed this placement will produce some extreme results.

The Scorpio Moon and Sex

It has been said that sexual impulses drive the Scorpio Moon native moreso than other moon signs, perhaps because they radiate such passion and intensity that they’re forever in need of release. The Scorpio Moon is equated with transcendental lovemaking or “soul sex” in which the participants experience an exalted state of consciousness by way of the physical sex act itself. Clearly, while “sexual nirvana” is hardly a day-to-day occurrence, this moon person has been labeled as having an extra potential for such achievements. At the very least, this moon person admits to having a high sex drive, even allowing sex to affect his or her decisions at certain points in life.

The Scorpio Moon as a Nurturer

The Scorpio Moon Nurturer is fiercely protective and psychologically all-consuming. Scorpio Moon Mothers, or “Smothers” as they are sometimes known, must learn to temper their intensity. If the Scorpio lover is possessive in her affairs, the Scorpio mother is equally possessive of her children. It will be her ongoing challenge to “let go.” These moon natives must get a reign on that fretfulness that leads to strings of sleepless nights, and interfere less in the daily trials and tribulations of their young sons and daughters. Scorpio Moon Mothers must generally permit themselves to chill out, cool down and back off. An earth-sign or earth moon-sign partner can lend a comforting and grounding effect for the Scorpio nurturer who has let the worrying get out of hand yet again.

Other signature themes and preoccupations of the Scorpio Moon: secrets, mysteries, severity, psychology, power, control, passion, revenge, obsession, loyalty, sex, depth of feeling, ethics, spirituality, solitude, death. No, the Scorpio moon is surely not made of green cheese, but rather some of the most powerful facets of human existence. This lunar native must learn to embrace the reality of his or her own emotions as opposed to running or hiding from them. If the Scorpio Moon person can navigate his or her own spirit to a higher and more exalted place, he will recognize the potential for complete and total happines that lies within himself… and the transformation will be powerful for certain.

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