Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll Show – Art & Music – Host by Wayne Olivieri – Egon & Pepso music video “Anger”

Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll Show ART & MUSIC Episode No.1013 .
Talented artists and great music.
Indie Band Brought To You From Around The World segment features a band from the Slovak Republic called Egon & Pepso with this music video “Anger”
We will meet Brian Townsend in Plainfield NJ. Brian shows our host Wayne Olivieri where the Art is located in central New Jersey. Like duCret School of Art and Artist/teacher Gerry Heydt art studio.
Also in that same segment you will meet the owner of the oldest private held Art Gallery in New Jersey – Ann Swain from the Swain Galleries in Plainfield, NJ
In SHOWTIME’s studio our guest is Phil Blanche – Cartoonist/Fine Line Artist and business owner of Philberts Pub in Washington, NJ.
There is a trip to the Morris Museum where we talk with artist Maria Mijares as she explains about her 30 years of art which is displayed in her solo show at the museum called “Immortal Structures: Here & There – After”.

Our field corespondent Edwin Lora, introduced a talented artist from the DR – Rigo Peralta, who explains the similarities of his paintings with the fashion style “Steam Punk” which is know as Victorian Science-fiction as he invited us to his studio at the Banana factory in Bethlehem PA.

We end the show with New Brunswick’s best kept secret in Art.

Music placed in this episode courtesy of Bongo Boy Records.
Ol Toms River – performed by Gar Francis
Twilight – performed by Gar Francis
Raise A Hand – performed by Gar Francis
How It Supposed To Be – performed by Gar Francis
Palaces – performed by Gar Francis
Midnight In Rome – performed by Gar Francis
Above The Restless Crowd (July 29, 1965) – performed by Gar Francis
Sweet Jesus – performed by Plainfield Slim
Another Mule In The Barn – performed by Plainfield Slim
Bang You’re Gone – performed by Plainfield Slim
The Pain – performed by The Swinging Iggies
Love Sick Train – performed by Plainfield Slim
Shake It On Down – performed by The Swinging Iggies
Constant Turn – performed by Gar Francis
Music available at or email us at

Graffiti Audio credit by Olivia Pentzel
Graffiti Footage Adam Kahane
more info at

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