Best Practices in Sub-Prime Loan Origination

Demand for consumer financing in the U.S. continues to grow at more than 5% per year . Whether a consumer walks into a car dealership, applies for a credit card at a retail store, or inquires about a short term loan online, access to credit is a universal need for consumers. Faced with the changing landscape of state and federal regulations, how can organizations continue to meet the growing needs of their customers while protecting their bottom line? Join a panel of industry experts to learn about the CFPB’s and FTC’s recent efforts with respect to sub-prime lenders under UDAAP authority; discuss challenges in sub-prime; and explore how organizations are using cross-industry best practices to ensure a frictionless risk management approach for alternative financing.

Primary Topics:
* Recent regulatory developments in sub-prime lending
* How industry trends, such as a move toward higher loan amounts and installment loans, might influence your risk strategies
* Why mobile introduces opportunity and risk
* Methods to reduce front-end customer friction without increasing fraud loss
* How to recognize and prevent fraud at loan origination

Intended Audience
* Sub-prime and Short-Term Lending Professionals
* Fraud Prevention Strategists
* Loss Prevention Specialists
* Risk and Compliance Professionals

* Moderator: Patrick Reemts, Director, Credit Risk Solutions, ID Analytics
* Doug Jackson, Head of Decision Management, General Financial
* Jay Johns, Business Development Representative, iovation
* Joel Winston, CIPP, Partner, Hudson Cooke, LLP

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