BDA: Scam Alert (BSL)


There have been some recent reports of various scams that have targeted some Deaf people.

One alleged scam involves a man who claims to be someone with the name: Kelvin Bradley John.

The man claims to be linked to the BDA and UNDP and is reportedly scamming Deaf people of money.

We can’t comment on the allegations or the reports.

But we can remind you to stay safe online.

Remember, scam and hoax websites and emails are designed to trick you into disclosing personal information such as bank account details, passwords or credit card numbers.

They are used to con you into paying money for fake get-rich-quick offers, prize or lottery wins or fraudulent or poor quality goods.

Be very suspicious of emails from people or businesses you don’t know.

Be suspicious of unexpected emails from your bank. Remember banks don’t do business via email and never ask for confidential information via email.

Scammers put a lot of time and money into making emails and websites look real. Don’t be fooled. Be suspicious and stay safe!

There are 5 tips for staying safe on the web – see the video link:

Click the ‘Subtitles/CC’ icon on bottom-right side of the video to switch on the subtitles.

There is more information online about how you can stay safe and secure on line. See the link:

Until then, take care!

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