Baking Brad Part 2

Part two of a parody film based on the award winning show “Breaking Bad”. As Brad and Jesse advance in the cupcake business they come across new challenges. In order to increase their cash flow, they need to meet a distributor. This leads to a major boost in production that allows Brad to form his empire.

We tried to make this as accurate as possible! With our own little 2rockintwins twist here and there!

Special thanks to Mrs. Lynda Brown for letting us use the culinary room!
And a HUGE thanks to Regan Bell for helping us with all the makeup for the bald cap!

Go back and watch Part 1:

Part One Starring:
Brad Prinsen
Cole Lauff
Lane Krull
Sean Malloy
Blayne Burgett
Jordan Prinsen
Lindsay Epstein

Part Two Starring:
Brad Prinsen
Cole Lauff
Kaelon Roache’
Bryan Richards
Nick Crissien
Jaden Gummersbach

Filmed, edited, and written by:
Reid Lauff

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