Animated Bank Loan’s Incentive Production

Animation for sale.

One of our most detailed, time consuming and hands on production yet, the idea for this animation went through many phases before finally being realized to the one before you. This potential bank loans advert incorporates most of our services, 3D modelling and animation, 2D animation, Colour Correction, Post and Editing, Sound Production, Image Manipulation and others. A total of two and a half months were spent working on this Animation from conception to completion, with a week spent entirely on the Rendering process.

The idea for this animation was that a struggling or a small business can be helped through a Bank loan if it is invested correctly. Once so, the business may flourish and yield bigger profits. With this new and increased capital, the business can expand, depicted here as the Mansion, and present opportunities that may have been out of reach at the beginning.

While this should present itself as a good sample of our work, we also offer productions of any type and duration depending on the Client’s needs and specifications through our three main service packages (Audio Visual, Web Development, Specific Services).

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Audio/Visual Productions and Web Development Services

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