Angel Investors and Ongoing Capital Needs

An investor will arrange a meeting with the entrepreneur if they are interested in the expanded executive summary that you have provided to them. If you are seeking funding for a business that is currently in operation, it is important to consider your business growth strategy when you are working with an angel investor. Entrepreneurs often have the misconception that a new business idea must be unique. It is extremely important that you have a well-developed business plan when introducing the venture to a third-party if you have a unique concept for a business.

When you are drafting your business prospectus then it is extremely important that you identify your potential customers so that you can understand the potential profitability of your business. Typically, smaller business plans are typically no more than 10 pages in length. This document will help to eliminate the possibility that you have over looked anything in the development of your new business. A solid exit strategy can help to safeguard an entrepreneur form getting locked into a business that is not profitable. Business generates high gross margins and you may want to look into royalty-based financing as an alternative to trying to sell equity capital to a third party Once they have approved your business proposal, an angel investment group will begin their due diligence regarding your business, your experience as an entrepreneur, and the return on investment that is expected in regards to your business.

Often, you can syndicate your deal as it pertains to raising a large amount of capital if you are seeking an amount less than is required of a venture capital firm. One of the other ways to determine whether or not you need an angel investor is to first see whether or not you qualify for a bank loan or SBA loan. A private investor, venture capital firm, or private equity group will usually want 20% to 80% of the business.

It is extremely important to remain focused as it relates to business planning and looking for angel investors. When you are developing a business prospectus, the emphasis of your investment presentation should be on your product rather than the investment portion. We are going to continue to focus on this matter as it relates to seeking angel investors and working with private funding sources on an ongoing basis so that you can continue to have access to capital as you progress through your business expansion or start up operations.

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