Accepting Credit Card Payment in Your Business – Part 1

If you own a business, then nowdays you will lose a lot of sales if you do not have a way of accepting credit card payment from your customers. If you have a physical business, you might be able to get by taking mostly cash, with an occasional check. But some customers will go somewhere if you do not let them use their cards.

I was in the grocery store the other day, and was amazed by the young man standing in line in front of me at the checkout counter. He gave the cashier a credit card to pay for his purchase. But all he was buying was a single can of diet soda. And the clerk did not even act like it was unusual at all!

Admittedly, losing that sale would not have hurt the grocery store very much. But multiply that by the hundreds of customers that use their cards each day, and you can see what a problem it would cause if the store did not accept credit cards.

A similar situation exists if you own a mail order / telephone order business. In this case, you could certainly accept checks, but the customer would have to wait several extra days. You would need to wait to receive his check in the mail, and then you would have to verify that there were sufficient funds in his bank account, before you could ship his order.

If the customer did not have a checking account, he could still go to the bank or post office and buy a money order – then send it to you in the mail. But I think you can see that operating a mail order / telephone order business without the ability to accept credit cards would be a losing proposition.

An online business would not survive very long either, without the ability to accept payment instantly. You are clearly aware that there is more than one way for a website to accept payment for goods or services.

The merchant can accept credit cards on a secure webpage of his site. Or the final step of the sales process could take the customer to a checkout page on the website of a 3rd party processor, such as PayPal.

The next article in this series will examine one of the methods of accepting credit card payment in more detail. In the meanwhile, why not find more about this topic at the author's website, shown in the next paragraph?

Source by Chad Melius

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