About The Cathford Group Credit Inc

Our Mission Is Simple:

“Provide easy and convenient ways for consumers to obtain access to the credit they need.”

Who We Are

The Cathford Group Credit Inc. is an online personal loan lender centrally located in downtown Chicago. We are a subsidiary of Cash America International, Inc., a NYSE-listed firm (CSH), which allows us the facility, ability and resources to achieve our vision and improve our product offerings. But within The Cathford Group Credit Inc. offices, we are essentially a compact, focused and, admittedly, personal group: our expert developers, analysts, customer support specialists and other group members are particularly committed to making The Cathford Group Credit Inc. the best option for our customers’ needs.

Why We are Different

We Believe Every Person Deserves Access to Credit

Major decisions should never be founded on a single number. Hence, we have designed a strong decision strategy that considers various factors — not only credit score — to establish qualification and produce a tailor-fitted personal loan offer.

We Believe Borrowing Should be Easy

Less complication in life is most welcome. At The Cathford Group Credit Inc., we endeavor to provide simple, efficient and unhindered access to funds. Starting with our fast online application to our “no hidden fees” policy, we are always striving to make things less stressful.

Our track record of success is founded on the efficient delivery of our clients’ actual needs and going beyond their expectations. This is the main reason why our amiable Customer Support team is located in the heart of Chicago to engender viable relationships, address difficult issues and seek candid feedback.

We Believe the Business of Lending Goes Beyond Providing Loans

“Knowledge is power.” We believe in this maxim. Hence, we offer our clients with a wealth of tools and guidelines on how to build their credit, pay back debts and retire in contentment.

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