A $25 billion-mega-project-mistake!

The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance takes on climate, BRICS, Transnet, truckers and Big Oil

3 mega-crises = a perfect storm in South Durban

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1) Climate crisis due to Warsaw UN COP19’s irresponsibility

The Warsaw United Nations Conference of Polluters 19 has just ended, again, with a non-agreement that will cook Africa and kill millions while failing to generate ‘climate debt’ payments, just as did Durban’s COP17 in 2011

The South Durban People’s Climate Camp last weekend prepared activists for Warsaw’s failure, confirming the world’s elite 1% lack political will to halt climate change, so the 99% must step up

Our main contribution to the world’s greatest crisis is preventing the vast expansion of the Durban port-petrochem complex, a R250 ($25) bn Strategic Infrastructure Project aiming to raise container traffic from 2.5 mn per year today to 20 mn by 2040, and double South Durban’s oil refining capacity

2) BRICS are back in Durban, promoting unsustainable urbanization

When the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa heads of state met here in March, we organised a ‘brics-from-below’ counter-summit to object to maldevelopment, eco-destruction and repression by the five countries’ 1% elites

This week the BRICS local government ministers are gathering in Durban to discuss ‘sustainable urbanisation’ even though Brazilian activists shut down their cities in protest at public transport price hikes and FIFA-related displacement in June, even though hundreds of thousands occupied Russian cities in late 2011 demanding democratisation, even though Indian cities treat their poor residents with utter disdain, even though in a Chinese city you need a gas mask, and even though South African cities boast the world’s highest per-person protest rates

The BRICS project has been declared ‘dead’ both by international investors from above (because of 2013 economic crises), and by grassroots activists who oppose huge BRICS bailouts of the IMF ($75 bn in 2012) and a $50 bn BRICS Bank that appears anxious to fund the latest ‘Scramble for Africa’

But a major BRICS accomplishment in March was the $5 bn Chinese loan to Transnet — to destroy us?!

3) South Durban under attack from Transnet, truckers, oil companies

Transnet’s plans are to expand the existing port and dig a new privatised one on the site of the old airport, no matter the displacement of people and destruction of nature and our communities

In Wentworth, Treasure Beach is under attack from Shell and BP (Sapref) with the Single Buoy Mooring pipeline being moved to the traditional beach used by black residents of South Durban

The Reunion farmers were just given notice they will be evicted from land near the old airport

The Clairwood Racecourse is being redesigned as a trucking logistics site in spite of unanimous opposition in neighbouring Merebank, and residential Clairwood is under heavy attack by trucking firms taking over small houses for parking and repairs, leaving 10 murdered under their wheels

Isipingo residents are now also opposed to the Transnet expansion, joining residents as far north and west as Queenstown, Pinetown, Sarnia, Umbilo and Glenwood opposed to new trucking routes which are anticipated to create many more Field’s Hill-type massacres, while Transnet dawdles on moving container freight from dangerous road-to-rail, and setting up a dry port in Cato Crest

On Wednesday, 27 November, SDCEA will launch our campaigns to resolve all these crises and set the stage for a new, non-toxic, post-carbon strategy for South Durban’s genuine sustainable development. This includes a YouTube video we will use to raise consciousness, especially if we must go to the next stage of campaigning: anti-apartheid-style financial sanctions against Transnet, Shell, BP, Engen and the other local and multinational corporations now attacking South Durban, the people of the BRICS countries, and the climate.

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