2016 Michigan Business Challenge Event Video

Hosted by University of Michigan Ross School of Business’s Zell Lurie Institute, the Michigan Business Challenge (MBC) is a campus-wide, multi-round business plan competition where student teams have the opportunity to win cash prizes totaling over $85,000, gain feedback from leaders in the business community, and expand their business network. Beginning with round 2 presentations and Q&A, Kohlitz and team begin capturing footage of the exciting day. Besides the round 2 pitches, we captured competing teams prepping for their big show, the reactions of teams as who were announced to advance, the grueling finals where they literally face a team of judges 2 feet a way, the following open booth show and at last, the final announcements as to who would walk away with $25,000 in grant money! Kohlitz captured all that event video and then even beyond that, we were able to conduct interviews with 11 students, judges and guiding faculty throughout the day. Needless to say, it was a busy day!

Kohlitz then edited the mountains of raw footage and audio into one coherent event video that not only promotes the Michigan Business Challenge, but shows the viewer how the process works, what is at stake, the joy, education and value you can get out of the experience and even how MBC can affect participants long after it’s over. Such as it did for Companion, the 2015 MBC winner and who we were able to interview as well.

To learn more about MBC and how UM students can participate, visit http://zli.umich.edu/programs-funds/michigan-business-challenge

Producer // http://zli.umich.edu
Project Management + Interviewer // Visual Compass Web Designs
Video Shooting + Editing // https://Kohlitz.com
Second Camera // Patrick Murphey
Interviews // Stewart Thornhill, Kelly LaPierre, Holly Price, Ramses Alcaide, Michael Finney, Charles Fry, Walker McHugh, Lexi Ernst, Bill Mayer, Arianna Carley, Michael Thompson

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